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Oct 20, 2016

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100 Women logo Highlights include a day-long "edit-a-thon" of a major website to rediscover "forgotten" women, and a five-hour live festival in Mexico City. There will also be three weeks of thought-provoking journalism on issues from self-harming to female friendship. And as in previous years, the season kicks off with the publication of the 100 Women List. We choose 100 women to profile and champion - a mix of world leaders in politics, science and entertainment, as well as lesser-known inspirational women from across the globe. "100 Women is now in its fourth year, and we are proud of the platform it has given to many inspirational women - using the reach and journalistic excellence of the BBC to highlight the challenges, opportunities and experiences of women across the world," says Fiona Crack, editor of the 100 Women season. "This year I'm particularly looking forward to some of the stories coming from Gaza, Uganda, Nepal and Kazakhstan. We will focus on lots of difficult issues including trafficking, secondary infertility, domestic abuse, harassment and trolling," she says. "We will also explore the inspiring attitudes of women and girls with features about reimagining 'sexist' fairy tales, harnessing the power of grandmas and how to plan a wedding for 3,000 in Africa's most populous city." Image copyright Holly Brockwell Image caption Highlights of last year's season included a piece written by Londoner Holly Brockwell about her battle to be sterilised One highlight is a documentary called Scar. It will follow two young women, both recovering from years of self-harm, who meet to compare their paths back to health and travel to London to meet Barbara, a woman who has opened a specialist make-up clinic to help such women conceal their scars. Other programmes which will air on BBC World News include No Longer a Goddess - incumbent and former living goddesses in Nepal discuss the pressures and expectations of such a role - and Death and Cheerleading, which follows a group of cheerleading grandmothers in Arizona embracing life in their final years. Live events We will hold a five-hour open festival in Mexico City featuring music, dance, theatre, debates and exhibitions on 24 November, which will be covered live on BBC World News and Facebook.

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Last 12 months, Thai Buddhism's governing body, the Sangha Supreme Authorities, cleared the monastery's abbot of accusations that he had embezzled donations running into large numbers of dollars. She instructs and leads retreats with the themes of the feminine Buddha Green Tara and other topics. The study on the impact of compassion deep breathing also investigated the impact of LKM on the body's inflammatory and neuroendocrine system. On these events, Greek populations within Chandragupta's grandson Ashoka (Mauryans) world also had transformed to Buddhism. The premises of Tibet House consist of a large assembly area, a library, and a shop stocking Tibetan art and craft, Buddhist statues, and books; and includes a comfy tea-counter. A Buddha facing the front door from in the house can secure you from dangerous site visitors and intruders. This Depressing World” is usually a dark idea album about the ‘Four Nobel Truths' - the central theories of Buddhism explaining the character of suffering (dukkha).Case studies provide a real-life story or perspective, displaying Buddhism as it is usually practised today, and providing modern moral problems for argument. This reserve analyzes many excavated temple damages and inscriptions recording the lives of eminent monks to show how Korea set up its personal distinct Seon Bhuddist wats or temples, and also to light up the continuity between temples of the historic and medieval eras.