New Jersey Is A Mixed Community Where Both To Help You Fill Your Limit.

Apr 11, 2017

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Those without cars can easily discover and rent cars by the hour using the Getaround website, iOS or Android apps. With over 30,000 users between Northern New Jersey and New York City looking to rent cars this spring and summer for road trips, apartment moves and errand runs, now is the time for car owners to list their personalized red sox jersey cars and start earning money. "Launching in Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken, all of which have long been known for their push towards becoming tech-enabled, smart cities, was a natural next step for us as we strive to empower people everywhere to live car free through technology," said Jessica Scorpio, Getaround Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "In becoming a part of the Northern New Jersey transportation network, not only are we able to provide locals with cars when they need them, but we also provide Manhattanites looking to get out of the city with more options to do so." Getaround is the only company to make car-sharing safe, keyless and seamless through the Getaround mobile app and Getaround Connect. This award-winning, proprietary technology, combines GPS, Bluetooth LE and keyless remote technology allowing renters to unlock the car from their mobile phones and eliminating the need for owners to provide keys to the renter in-person. "With more than half of Hoboken residents commuting to work by public transportation, many only use their cars on weekends while others want to live car-free and avoid the cost and hassle of car ownership," said Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "Peer-to-peer car-sharing, like Getaround, is an innovative mobility option that meets the needs of both groups and can help to take cars off the road and reduce pollution and traffic." Dozens of cars in Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken are already listed on Getaround and can be discovered and booked through the website and mobile app today. Car owners have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars per month funding their car payment, groceries or next vacation. Getaround handles background and license checks and provides insurance to ensure both owner and renter have peace of mind. "The biggest benefit of Getaround is that I can earn money without having to disrupt my schedule to deliver or pick-up my keys and car," said Phil Mazo, Getaround user and Hoboken resident.

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