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Jun 29, 2017

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ToBox is Chestnut Street's newest man cave

“I wanted to create a neighborhood space Philadelphians could be proud of … and I didn’t want it to be full of runway brands.” The concept of a concept store is in no way new. In fact, by offering a wide variety of lifestyle products — from candles to coffee-table books — successful women’s shops like Anthropologie, Joan Shepp, and Bryn Mawr’s Kirna Zabete have been able to stay relevant in a cluttered post-recession retail space. What’s ironic is that the same forces that are causing women’s fashion to fight for its brick-and-mortar life — our addiction to online shopping, the never-ending search for individuality, shopping for purpose over sport, and a demand for better customer service — is what’s fueling menswear’s retail growth. That’s because the way menswear is bought and sold creates an experience that results in good, personal service. Retailers we once considered too big to fail, like Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, BCBG — and, shoot, even Payless — have spent the first half of the year announcing store closings. And, sadly, our city’s favorite independents — Knit Wit, Coeur, and, most recently, Third Street Habit — have bowed out of the game. “My little retail model had become a bit of a relic,” Third Street’s owner, January Bartle, recently wrote me in a Facebook instant message. At the same time, Walmart bought Bonobos — a menswear showroom/retail space in Center City and King of Prussia — for $310 million. And a little more than a week ago, on the same day ToBox celebrated its new Chestnut Street location, Philadelphia Eagle Malcolm Jenkins officially opened his made-to-measure men’s store, Damari Savile .

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